Explaining different puzzles in the game

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Explaining different puzzles in the game

July 27, 2018 Uncategorized 0

In Toon Blast levels will get more difficult as you progress. You will encounter a different type of problems at each level. In order to pass the level, you will need to invest a lot of time and you will need to think before you make a move.

The first levels will be easy – destroy blocks and you will progress. With each level, you will need to destroy more or you will need to collect some fruits. After a while, levels will get really hard as you will encounter more complex levels and you will need to complete more challenges in order to go to the next level.

And some of the levels you will encounter the boxes – It’ll be hard to break you need to break them three times in order to completely remove them. After you clear all the boxes you will encounter even harder levels where boxes will lock themselves. First, you will need to break some blocks around them and then you will need to break once again in order to destroy them. This will get really hard as they will lock again if you don’t destroy them the second time.

It can get even harder than this. You will need to destroy watermelons. Yup, you read that right. This would not be a problem, but you will need to destroy them 3 times. So you will need to calculate how much moves you have in order to complete a level.  This is hard as you need to know what will you do and how many watermelons will your next move effect. Don’t feel bad if you get stuck on a level like that because it will take some time for you to figure out how to approach levels like these.

I am currently on the level 781 and it gets really hard. I need to pop all the balloons and destroy shelves of sodas. Sodas are different colors and in order to destroy them, I need to destroy blocks of the same color as the sodas in order to remove them. It can be frustrating, but it can be fun when you pass a hard level like that.

Don’t worry, there are many guides online that will help you if you get stuck and I will post updates here on this blog with more tips and tricks so you can have a fun time playing game and not need to worry about those hard levels.

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