Best 2 tips for Toon Blast right now

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Best 2 tips for Toon Blast right now

July 2, 2018 Uncategorized 0

This game has been so much fun in the last few weeks that we’ve played this game. It is fun and hard which is a good recipe for a game these days. It can get a bit hard but there are many websites that will help you out when you want to beat a specific level. But enough about helping you out on a specific level, let’s see who can we help you with every level!

Join a clan

The main thing to do if you want to beat levels more easily and have more lives is to join a clan!  When you join a clan, you can get many more features:

  • get lives from other people in the clan
  • give lives to other people
  • get coins when you give people lives
  • get rewards from clan chests

These are some pretty cool features if you want to join a clan. And those chests are something that you can when you join a clan and they are far better than regular chests so joining a clan is a great thing. You will also compete against each other to be at the top of the clan and when there is a chest event you can get the most starts to show everyone that you are really good at the game.

Clear from the bottom

Now that you joined a clan, let’s see how else you can improve your gameplay. There is one general rule that applies almost to all levels and that is: start from the bottom. This usually works very well, just start destroying blocks from the bottom and you will have a higher chance of clearing that level. Let us show you an example – you are destroying from the bottom and you get a booster that clears the whole row and you need to drop the ducks to the bottom to pass the level. Now, if your booster is horizontal and is at the top, you will gain nothing. Those ducks will not be closer to the finish since it will clear the top row. But if you start from the bottom you have a higher chance of your booster working out for you. That is why you should start clearing levels from the bottom.

Use these 2 tips from us and you will have more fun and pass many more levels in less time.

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