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There are many good tools out there that will get your some extra coins, but we can assure you that our is the fastest on the market.

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Unlike many others out there, with our tool you don’t need to download anything! Everything is on our website and ready.

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Our tool works on all devices that you can think of. It doesn’t matter if you are on your PC or a Mac, phone or a tablet, it just works!

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Our website and our tool are fast, really fast. Once you complete all the steps, you won’t need to wait 24 for your coins.

Toon Blast Cheats – what is it all about

Toon Blast Cheats are just simple cheats that will help you out in the game. You can use these tools if you wish to get some extra resources in the game that will help you out. Since these type of games have a lot of in-game purchases and they can be pricey (some games go up to $1000 per package for their biggest one) and is not OK since not all people want to spend money on the games, they just want to play it and enjoy.

More about our cheats

That is why we offer some cool Toon Blast Cheats if you are one of those people. This game can get really frustrating when you are about to finish the level and you see that you have some more block to break and you don’t have any moves. The only way to make it happen is to spend some Coins to get a few extra moves and sometimes that is not enough as well. Now, with these cheats, you can generate some extra coins which you will be able to use in your game so you can get as many extra moves as you need! No more getting stuck on a level for weeks!


How to use our Toon Blast Cheats

This won’t be complicated, that’s a promise. You will just need to follow our instructions and you will get your coins really fast. It will only be a few steps and it won’t take long so let’s get started:

  • click the button “Get started now” or click HERE to visit our tool
  • now you will see our tool and there you need to write your username that you use in the game
  • now select how much coins do you want and press the button to continue
  • wait for the tool to finish the work and press the button “Complete” to finish up
  • leave the website, open up your game and wait a few seconds
  • all the Coins should be there

That is all you have to do in order to get some extra coins using our Toon Blast Cheats. There are no downloads and you can access our tool with any device that you might own (computers, laptops, phones or tablets – all the steps are the same). The process is fast and easy and you will have your coins in no time if you decide to use our tool.

Some more tips for Toon Blast

This game can get hard, really hard. So here is just a few tips that you will either learn here or learn on your own as you progress in the game.

You should not waste your powerups, you should save them. It’s almost a never good an idea to use them on your first try. You can use your powerups on the first try only if you think that you will have problems in passing the level and you don’t wanna risk it. Other than that, you should save them as you will encounter even harder levels down the line and those power-ups will come in real handy when you get stuck on a level. The same thing applies to coins as you only have a limited amount, unless you are using our Toon Blast Cheats, but you shouldn’t waste your coins just because you can. Try to beat the level a couple of times before you use coins to get some extra moves.

And the most important thing about this game is that you will need to often look at the objectives. There were so many times that I thought that I passed the level and I was wrong. Sometimes I didn’t look at the objectives, sometimes I didn’t see that I need to remove one more jelly that got stuck in the corner. So make sure that you watch your level objectives to make sure that you don’t waste any moves or even worse, coins or powerups.


So, this is it. You now know everything there is to know about these Toon Blast Cheats and I hope that you will use them and be happy with the tools that I made. I spent a lot of time in creating this so if you want, you can share this website with your friends to get even more coins! The cheats are fast and secure and you are free to use it as much as you want. Remeber to look at the level objectives so you can progress faster and that is it, have fun in the Toon World out there!

Check out what people say about these cheats

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